Welcome to The Hen

The Red Hen Theatre Company was formed under the name Actors' Playhouse of Georgetown in 2014 to provide educational opportunities in the performing arts. We are now based in Bourbon County, with some productions in Scott.

It is the mission of RHTC to present quality productions while providing an engaging and welcoming environment to all who participate.

A big question we are most asked- why Red Hen? In the words of our founder and executive director:

Dear audience,

It’s funny how something so basic as bread has been a symbol throughout history. From the grain of wheat that is born, changed, reborn and processed. To the symbolism and inference in its own creation of taking that flour, nurturing it and transforming it into something necessary and appreciated. It is a lot like what we do in the theatre. Remember the fable of The Little Red Hen? The one who grew and cut the wheat, made the dough and baked the bread, even though no one would help her? But they sure came running when it was time to eat! The little red hen worked hard for what she wanted. She was happy with her labors. We always loved that hen- still do. In our infancy, this name for our organization stuck out. After all, our organization was founded on hard work and passion for our art. To take the seeds, nurture and transform them into a spectacle of beauty, entertainment, and truth. And so in January of 2019, we have decided to return to that origin with our new moniker, RED HEN THEATRE COMPANY.


Justin Arnold, Executive Artistic Director

Rachel Nipper, Founder